Sunday, 28 August 2011

What I'm Wearing... (28.08.2011)

Keeping it nice and simple and clean with a dress of my mum's as it was sunny in the morning, but trying to make it a bit more fresh and young with a splash of colour.

Earrings- A Handmade Market in Warsaw
Dress- Vintage, Mother's
Shoes- Topshop

Saturday, 27 August 2011

What I'm wearing... (27.08.11)

Just some pictures of what I'm wearing today; the family is coming round so I thought I'd wear something a bit girly and summery, even though it did pour down with rain a few times- it was a good job that I changed into my pink Hunter wellington boots when walking the dog!

Dress- Rare @ Topshop
Wedges- Topshop
Corsage Bracelet- Mikey @ House Of Fraser
Rose Garland- Camden Lock Market

What I'm Wearing... (26.08.11)

Fascinator- Zara
Cream Jumper- DKNY
Faux Leather Gilet- Zara
Skirt- Zara
Bag- Vintage, my mum's
Biker Boots- Luca Stefani

Just a casual day; walked the dog but changed into wellies as it was raining all morning :(

Thursday, 25 August 2011

O, Jeff!

After finding out that Office stocked Jeffrey Campbell shoes yesterday following my trip to London, I embarked on a mission. Selfridges only seemed to stock the Pewter Glitter (shown below); although they are pretty, I do not think that I would get very much use out of them, so I decided to look online. Much to my disappointment, the only other Lita's stocked were in black leather- slightly boring for my taste, and sold out anyway.

I dared to look across the pond at My favourites are the 'Stars and Stripes', which I think would look so striking with a simple black t-shirt and denim shorts, but it's a shame that they are made from fabric and not leather.

Also, I really like the 'Red Glitter', and the 'Black Velvet'; Jeff.... take the hint and make a Red Velvet-I'd buy them immediately!

The 'Black White Lita Fur' have been on my wish list for a while, however after my mum ever so kindly bought me a pair of shoes of the same texture from Topshop yesterday, I think I need to dream about something slightly different...

UPDATE: found this website ( - American, again); however they seem to sell some Sam Edelmen-esque Litas that have tickled my fancy!

Could I have asked for anything else more heavenly?


bigbenbigapplegirl <3

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

What I'm Wearing...

Red Felt Hat
Black Gilet/Vest: Zara
White Linen Dress- Calvin Klein Jeans
Leather Bag- Vintage
Black Suede Sesame Boots- KG by Kurt Geiger

Had a lovely day in London, did a little bit of shopping and enjoyed a lovely Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Milkshake with a Milk Praline Cookie at Ben's Cookies on Carnaby Street; then walking back to Regent street I saw this lovely lonely little telephone box and thought it matched my hat! :)

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Cosmic Love

I've always been fascinated with the night sky, so when Christopher Kane's Galaxy print collection was released a couple of years back, I fell in love. The silk satin fabric makes a beautiful canvas for such a breath taking image.

These Black Milk Green Galaxy leggings are also a winner; they won't match as many t-shirts as the conventional black- which everyone seems to posess at present-, however I think that the pattern is more unique and stunning than the other colours available on the website. On the other hand, I find it a shame that these are leggings and not tights, as I think that they would look better with open and low-rise shoes, yet conversely could not be paired with just a t-shirt/

 I have found the next best option: a customized cotton t-shirt, I'm assuming with spray paint, available for £14.00 here. The style of the t-shirt would be very flattering, with the scoop neck and slightly rolled up short sleeves, pairing it with black jeans, military boots and a masculine fedora would be very rock and roll effortless chic. I just wish it would come in a variety of colours too!

bigbenbigapplegirl <3

Keyboard Crazy!

Searching the web for a beautiful owl bag I saw while browsing through LookBook, I was directed to the Kate Spade website. After scrolling down past lots and lots of 'Granny bags', I came across this beautiful little clutch.

Since I have been playing the piano for about 7 years, I instantly fell in love; the 'Recital Farrah'would be the perfect accessory paired with a 50's style LBD and some suede black heels for a concert/competition, although the price tag of $375 isn't too attractive, you get what you pay for: a pretty dotty lining, 14K gold plated hardware and some pockets that would fit change, a mobile phone, keys and items of makeup.

Just a little inspirational picture to finish....


bigbenbigapplegirl <3