Sunday, 19 February 2012


Finally I am going to try and fulfil my New Year's resolution to be a 'better blogger', which means actually posting something from time to time.

Today, -well, this evening-, I managed to have a 'sort out' of my wardrobe; although little has been removed and stored away, I did happen to find a few items of clothing that I believed to have previously 'lost.'

Here is a quick post of what I wore today:

(Sunglasses: Huzzar Vintage @ LFW, Golf: Guess, Jacket: Zara, Silk Skirt: All Saints, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Clutch: Gharani Strok)

Also, I am religiously saving up for a few items, some which I have been desperately lusting after for quite some time.

First of all are these beauties! The Nude Leather Night Walk by Jeffrey Campbell would look perfect with a bright coral/red or black dress. With no idea how a human being is expected to walk in these, and none available in the UK to even try on, I am reluctant to purchase them; however, the idea of grannies' jaws dropping when I strut down the church isle in these bad boys makes me lust over them even more!

Something slightly more modest is a pair of Mint Green Lace Trim socks from Topshop, which I think would be very versatile; tan brogues, Creepers, Night Walks, Doc Martens, the possibilities are endless! They could add a girlie edge to sharp, androgynous tailoring, or compliment this season's pastel lace 50's dresses. At a mere £3.50, I am adding them to my cart.

Strangely, I seem to spend all of my savings on heels/wedges, so have decided to put some money aside for a pair of nice flats. These Underground Creepers, (available at Office for £89) are the strongest contender so far.