Wednesday, 31 July 2013

white workstation ideas

I'd like to have a bit of a 'revamp' in my bedroom. Not drastic changes, just so that it feels a bit different- less clutter, slightly more practical without sacrificing style. I've had a bit of a google search, and here are some photos for inspiration. As you can see, they're all white, light and clutter-free, with a few ornaments to make it look homely. From my mum's suggestions, I've also looked at places with a 'splash of colour', however I think they detract from the total impact of the white. No doubt an ikea browse is to follow.

Common things I like:
  • Desk with 2 triangular bases
  • Plain white block shelves
  • Laptop (so easy to put away)
  • See through jars/pots to store desktop bits
  • White flowers
  • Acrylic or white chair
talia xoxo

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

she ain't got riches, but she got fashion

Silk t-shirt- Calvin Klein (Vintage)
Tartan Skirt- Jack Wills
Silver Heels- Zara
Leather Bag- Marco Valentino (Vintage)
Sunglasses- Huzzar Huzzar (Vintage)
I seem to be having heel withdrawal symptoms. After a while of wearing sandals, my feet just crave to be raised at a 45 degree angle. So, even though I was going to outdoor pub grill this evening for supper, I planned my outfit around this recent Zara purchase- silver medium-sized block heels. They may not be the easiest to walk in, but they channel a slightly toned down Madonna-cross-R2D2-vibe. Originally I had planned a black skater skirt and bright purple lipstick; my mum thought it slightly inappropriate to wear practically what I wear to school to a bar, and that I had brought plenty of other clothes across the channel which needed to be taken advantage of.
Even though these shoes aren't completely subtle, I would never plan for them to be the focal point of an outfit, due to their simple style. The skirt seemed weather-appropriate, and the top kind of just felt to work the best with it. Bag and sunnies=essentials=pretty self explanatory.
Currently also doing a bit of holiday shopping here in Warsaw (obviously amongst other, more cultural things such as sightseeing and park-roaming). Will update you when I manage to accumulate a little pile.
talia xoxo
for some reason the picture on the right feels like I could be moving to the beat of this song!

Monday, 29 July 2013

everybody wants to be on TV

Crop top- Topshop
Skirt- Jack Wills
Frilly socks- Topshop
Trainers- Puma
Sunglasses- Huzzar Huzzar Vintage
Yes, the image above is very yellow-toned; however, sometimes those moments arise where your life just seems to be lacking in 'Cinemascope'. Today I had one of those moments.
It was extremely hot today in Warsaw- where I'm based for the next two and a half weeks- 35 degrees linger as if it were the Sinai Peninsula. Thus, I thought it acceptable to wear a crop top- something which I rarely do. This sporty, cotton one is from Topshop which I picked up from the sale last year for about 3 pounds.
This silk-cotton mix skirt is from Jack Wills. Yes, I  too once sneered at the name, but amongst the surplus of candy-coloured branded t-shirts and overpriced stripy ankle socks a good-quality gem or too are awaiting discovery. I've managed to get more wear out of the skirt than I originally thought- though a crisp white shirt and tan brogues are probably my favourite combination: preppy Manhattan public school student meets 70-year old Scottish highlander. It looks better than it sounds.
If I'm honest, I was wearing the trainers as I was walking my dogs, not because I was trying to emulate a 90's grunge vibe, but I kind of ending up liking what it looked like- not too try-hard 'unique'. Also, I probably would have worn different socks if they were clean. I'm not a fan of things that match too much. As the current rule stands- same colour or same texture, never both.
Again, I realise the photo on the right is a bit posey. Ah well, we all like to pretend we're being photographed in the 90's with a lomography camera every now and again.
talia xoxo
EDIT: how i'd describe this look with lyrics:
Scouting for Girls- Famous