Wednesday, 31 July 2013

white workstation ideas

I'd like to have a bit of a 'revamp' in my bedroom. Not drastic changes, just so that it feels a bit different- less clutter, slightly more practical without sacrificing style. I've had a bit of a google search, and here are some photos for inspiration. As you can see, they're all white, light and clutter-free, with a few ornaments to make it look homely. From my mum's suggestions, I've also looked at places with a 'splash of colour', however I think they detract from the total impact of the white. No doubt an ikea browse is to follow.

Common things I like:
  • Desk with 2 triangular bases
  • Plain white block shelves
  • Laptop (so easy to put away)
  • See through jars/pots to store desktop bits
  • White flowers
  • Acrylic or white chair
talia xoxo

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