Thursday, 1 August 2013

Who said only Olivia Palermo could wear cat-eye sunglasses?

A holiday without shopping?!? No, I've never heard of such a thing either.
While in Warsaw, I took a trip to the recently renovated Fashion House Outlet. Not expecting too much (as it's not in the centre, I've heard it's a bit of a waste of time), I was pleasantly surprised to find many higher-end brands, such as Stefanel, Missoni, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, MaxMara and Hugo Boss. I did have a look, and many items were hardly discounted; however, I did manage to find a jewel amongst the rubble in the Spanish chain, Mango.
Say hello to my new sunglasses.
Although called the 'cat-eye', (buy similar here), I'd say the shape is a cross between that and a typical wayfarer, since they are less oblong than the latter. I recently broke my supposedly 'hard-wearing' round Topshop sunglasses while on a weekend break to Brighton, so these are the sought-after replacement.
I was not expecting a case with them, which was a nice touch. Cream mock-grain leather with a magnetic fastening, and even a care manual made these sunglasses feel a lot more expensive than their RRP of £17.99.

According to Oprah's 'Find the best sunglasses for your face shape', this style would work best for those with a Heart-shaped or Square face. I have more of a round face (due to the half-Eastern-Europeanness), but as they are quite oversized, I thought there was no harm in trying.

The frames from the front are plain black, but from the side are a clear/grey/black tortoiseshell, meaning they would work with most outfits. There is a small 'MNG' engraving on a silver-coloured metal on the side, which I was extremely drawn to as it was subtle and classy. I'm not a huge fan of excessive labels and branding, so these seemed perfect since they are two things that are difficult to avoid nowadays.
Bit of a selfie to show how they look; now I'm beginning to think that my face is indeed more heart-shaped than rounded. 

Just thought I'd share this star find: yes, they are slightly tacky, but doesn't that add to the fun?! These sheer leopard-print ankle socks were about 40p each from Auchan (a French supermarket), and I thought they'd look great with low-top Converse or black suede Creepers. With grey, purple and the traditional brown, I'm hoping I'm sure I can switch them up to suit my mood and match my outfit (if even possible!)
Now to the most important part of blogging- Food! Here are a couple of pictures of my dinner/evening snack...
Smoked tofu fried in egg and breadcrumbs= absolutely delicious. I know it would be a bit lacking in flavour for some, but next time I may try it with a tomato puree sauce, sweet chilli or pesto side. Alternatively, I may add paprika or Italian seasoning to the breadcrumbs.
Cucumber, pepper, tomato and lettuce salad with a herb/garlic oil-based dressing; this was very tasty, but I only realised afterwards how many calories the dressing had- 140 per serving! I also had boiled yellow string beans, which are great served cold as a snack or warm as an accompaniment to a piece of meat.
talia xoxo

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