Saturday, 10 August 2013

Cinema Outfit and Scenic lake snaps!

Here's a quick outfit post of what I wore to the cinema for "Now You See Me", which I thought was a very engaging film. It happened to be a thriller, my favourite genre, but reminded me somewhat of Scooby Doo- possibly the mixture of character personnages and vaguely 'goodies vs. baddies' storyline.
I hadn't worn this top I had bought at probably my favourite vintage shop in August yet, and due to its possible 'grandmother' connotations, I tried to keep it young with denim shorts and black leather accessories. Pink is supposed to be a very prominent colour this coming fall, but to balance out the child-like linen and white floral embroidery, studs and a ferret tail ensured the outfit still felt my own.
Top- COW Vintage in Sheffield
Shorts- Zara trf
Bag- Marco Valentino (vintage)
Sandals- Clarks
Sunglasses- Mango
Coconut Milk Bubble tea with Mango popping boba and Rainbow Jelly- my ongoing addiction!

Traditional Polish Nalesniki with vanilla-flavoured soft cheese filling

Soft cheese with maple syrup for breakfast: calcium overload!
I've just returned from the Polish Lake District- Jezioro Sniardwy; here are some photos...

talia xoxo

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Multi-cultural & natural food market (+outfit)

Considering all my recent posts have been quite high on the word-count front, I thought I'd make this one slightly! I visited a regular antiques market this morning, followed by a one-off food festival for lunch. The antiques market was a bit of a let-down; the prices were extortionate and the variety was limited. On the other hand, the food market exceeded all of my expectations. There was such a large choice of fresh food, definitely something for everything. Portions were quite small, so it was nice to be able to try a bit of everything, from Mexican, to polish, vegan to ice creams.
Top- DKNY (vintage)
Skirt- LAUNDRY by Shelly Segal (vintage)
Bag- Marco Valentino (vintage)
Ferret Tail- Market in Warsaw
Sandals- Clarks
Sunglasses- Mango
Chinese shrimp & boiled egg hard shell cups


Vegetarian Bistro menu

Salad jars + fruit water

Various fresh breads, wraps, olives, houmous 

Freshly made lemonade

A pasta version of subway?!


'Courgette flower', black bean and cheese tostados

Citrus+mustard seed carrot

Black sesame and prawn giant rice crackers
Black olive tapenade & walnut tart

Tomato, courgette, pepper and green olive Greek tart with olives and tzatziki

Home-made Lemon iced tea

Packed stalls from 12-5

Modern art & prints for sale
talia xoxo

Friday, 2 August 2013

Outfit: City roaming & Food: Green Peas Eco Cafe

Although they are most commonly associated with seaside activities, I think denim shorts are perfect for hot days wandering city streets. If worn correctly, (i.e. not a bikini/crop top and flip flops), they can look rather chic, far from the 'California girls' ditsy daisy-dukes stereotype. 
Making sure the rest of the outfit is quite simple, I've gone for a black and tan theme. I read once that you should have a maximum of 3 colours/tones in an outfit (black and white excluded), and I think it's a pretty good rule to follow. 
To make the outfit still look quite young, I've worn a blue lace bralette from Gilly Hicks, and jewellery such as these feather earrings from Topshop and an assortment of thread bracelets.
Top- Zara
Shorts- Ralph Lauren
Sandals- Aldo
Bag- Marco Valentino (vintage)
Sunglasses- Mango
One o'clock pre-lunch snack: Snickers and Hazelnut Chocolate ice creams. If I'm honest, the Snickers was lacking flavour slightly. Next time, I think I'd rather get 'Hello Kitty' (Cream flavoured with pink bubble-gum sauce). The Hazelnut Chocolate tasted like a more expensive version of Nutella, with small nutty pieces. I'm not usually a fan of chocolate- to be frank, it's quite predictable and heavy. This, on the other hand, I will happily eat again!

For lunch, we went to 'GreenPeas', an eco-café and bistro type of place. For starters, we shared a Courgette Soup. Sounded not too tasty (half price soup with a main before 4 o'clock so we thought we may as well give it a try), but we couldn't have been more judgemental. It was creamy, and had sunflower seeds also. Absolute heaven, very filling, and the portion was generous.

For mains, I had the 'Green Sabbath' Tortilla, or in other words, a Spinach and Feta wrap. It was tasty (if a bit too salty- slightly too much feta- for my liking), and the garlic sauce ensured the spinach wasn't too dry. Served with coleslaw and lettuce, this dish was filling, but not bloating.
My mum had the green broad bean and pumpkin burgers, served with boiled mixed vegetables. It was okay- slightly plain (e.g. they could have served it with a wholemeal bun or pitta bread and some tomato salsa), but the service was very good, as the waitress came and said that the burgers may be dry, and so did offer a complimentary selection of 4 sauces. Overall, a fairly inexpensive and pleasant place to eat lunch, and I would go back to try some of the other daily dishes on offer,
Desert! Tradition Polish 'babka'. This one happens to be with orange peel and mixed nuts.
Yes, I've eaten too much today. Ah well... that's why they call it a holiday!!
talia xoxo


Thursday, 1 August 2013

Who said only Olivia Palermo could wear cat-eye sunglasses?

A holiday without shopping?!? No, I've never heard of such a thing either.
While in Warsaw, I took a trip to the recently renovated Fashion House Outlet. Not expecting too much (as it's not in the centre, I've heard it's a bit of a waste of time), I was pleasantly surprised to find many higher-end brands, such as Stefanel, Missoni, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, MaxMara and Hugo Boss. I did have a look, and many items were hardly discounted; however, I did manage to find a jewel amongst the rubble in the Spanish chain, Mango.
Say hello to my new sunglasses.
Although called the 'cat-eye', (buy similar here), I'd say the shape is a cross between that and a typical wayfarer, since they are less oblong than the latter. I recently broke my supposedly 'hard-wearing' round Topshop sunglasses while on a weekend break to Brighton, so these are the sought-after replacement.
I was not expecting a case with them, which was a nice touch. Cream mock-grain leather with a magnetic fastening, and even a care manual made these sunglasses feel a lot more expensive than their RRP of £17.99.

According to Oprah's 'Find the best sunglasses for your face shape', this style would work best for those with a Heart-shaped or Square face. I have more of a round face (due to the half-Eastern-Europeanness), but as they are quite oversized, I thought there was no harm in trying.

The frames from the front are plain black, but from the side are a clear/grey/black tortoiseshell, meaning they would work with most outfits. There is a small 'MNG' engraving on a silver-coloured metal on the side, which I was extremely drawn to as it was subtle and classy. I'm not a huge fan of excessive labels and branding, so these seemed perfect since they are two things that are difficult to avoid nowadays.
Bit of a selfie to show how they look; now I'm beginning to think that my face is indeed more heart-shaped than rounded. 

Just thought I'd share this star find: yes, they are slightly tacky, but doesn't that add to the fun?! These sheer leopard-print ankle socks were about 40p each from Auchan (a French supermarket), and I thought they'd look great with low-top Converse or black suede Creepers. With grey, purple and the traditional brown, I'm hoping I'm sure I can switch them up to suit my mood and match my outfit (if even possible!)
Now to the most important part of blogging- Food! Here are a couple of pictures of my dinner/evening snack...
Smoked tofu fried in egg and breadcrumbs= absolutely delicious. I know it would be a bit lacking in flavour for some, but next time I may try it with a tomato puree sauce, sweet chilli or pesto side. Alternatively, I may add paprika or Italian seasoning to the breadcrumbs.
Cucumber, pepper, tomato and lettuce salad with a herb/garlic oil-based dressing; this was very tasty, but I only realised afterwards how many calories the dressing had- 140 per serving! I also had boiled yellow string beans, which are great served cold as a snack or warm as an accompaniment to a piece of meat.
talia xoxo