Thursday, 14 June 2012

Fake it.

Just a bit of a mismatch post today; I've picked up a few things here and there over the past couple of days, and am supposed to be revising for my last exam which is next thursday. God save me.

I picked up this gorgeous turban-style rose pink satin headband, which I think would look perfect with a girly pink dress and creepers, but I could also imagine wearing it with a loose band tee and denim shorts in the summer! I repurchased my favourite mascara from Boots- No7 Exquisite Curl. As I use it as an everyday mascara, I use the Brown/Black colour, which looks very natural on the lashes. Also, I've heard so much hype about the Revlon Lip Butters that I caved in and bought one since they were £2 off at Boots. I bought the colour 'Tutti Frutti' as I have been searching for the perfect Orange since the stone age; I am also looking for a lilac/lavender colour lipstick, i.e. D'Lilac by Limecrime; however I found that the Revlon alternative was too sheer for my liking. I also happened to swatch Barry M's 'Palest Lavender' on my hand while making a quick stop in Superdrug; the formula was very creamy and moisturizing compared to other Barry M lipsticks, but awfully short-lasting.

I have a habit of accumulating rather large, sturdy umbrellas- rather impractical for travelling and when the weather is undecided. I saw this pretty sailor-sketch print one from H&M with frills around the bottom. It was only £4.99, so I could not restrain myself!

I've been after an ear cuff for absolutely ages but haven't quite managed to find the perfect. I bought this one from the Topshop sale and thought that it was adjustable...apparently not. Therefore, I have to wear it quite low down close to my earlobe to avoid it falling off! I love the silver snake as I think it is quite simple, yet edgy; the only problem is I cannot wear any other earrings with it :( The hunt for the perfect ear cuff continues...

The outfit I wore the other day: Shirt- Vintage Ralph Lauren, Silk Shorts- True Decadence, Snakeskin Leather Clutch- Gharani Strok, Creepers- Underground, Sunglasses- Huzzar Vintage, Tights- see below....

 My mum managed to find these gorgeour tattoo-print 'Saylor' tights' from Bebaroque. They are so unique; I have had a few people mistaking them for real tattoos! They are 'hand-finished' and made in Scotland, so unfortunately the price tag is not light; nonetheless, they work with many different outfits so I guess it's like buying a staple pair of trousers/leggings?!? Regrettably, I have somehow made a hole on the foot of one of them, and even though they are supposed to stretch from sizes 8-16, I find them rather tight. Even so, I think I may have to purchase a back up pair....

Finally, with the Diamond Jubilee celebrations now finished, I have decided to channel my inner-brit and have a new-found love for scones! Although the majority of those who consume this delight reach for clotted cream, I much rather prefer Philadelphia (light!) soft cheese, strawberry jam and a couple of raisins sprinkled over the top. I also managed to discover the wonders of Amarena cherries- this pot of the sweet Italian delicacy is vastly decreasing in mass in my refridgerator.  

I hope you're all having a good week!
B.b.b.a.g. xx

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee #2

As per usual in the UK, yesterday's bank holiday arrived hand-in-hand with a bucketful of rain. Even after a couple of hours, - in which one would expect the weather to brighten up-, the clouds failed to disappear, so my conscious was filled with a constant worry of whether or not there would be a sudden outburst of raindrops. Although water and suede are often assumed to be arch-enemies, I decided to take a risk and weat my Underground Creepers (sprayed with Topshop's shoe protector, just to be on the safe side), which I paired with black opaque tights to create a clean silhouette.

Channelling the Diamond Jubilee colour scheme, I thought it would be appropriate to incorporate this nave Cotton/Nylon mix Tommy Hilfiger Sweater into my outfit, elaborating its simplicity with this gorgeous floral chiffon mullet skirt from Zara. To shield me from the slight chill, - inevitable British weather which we cannot escape, even on the few days of celebration-, I wore my brown faux-leather Zara jacket with quilted lining, and slung my vintage beaded bag over my shoulder to carry essentials for the day's events.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee

60 years after embarking on her role as the monarch of England, Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating her 'Diamond Jubilee' this weekend. Although I must admit I am not particularly patriotic, I am using these four days as an excuse to relax, go out and avoid revision like the plague! The festivities are also encouraging me to incorpate splashes of red and blue into my typical monochromatic wardrobe. 

Shirt- Ralph Lauren; Skirt- Warehouse; Socks- Topshop; Shoes- Underground; Bag- Vintage

Today I attented a Jubilee Fayre in my local village where I performed with my dance troupe; unfortunately the sky was grey and miserable, and it seemed to constantly rain!!

Last-minute plans mean I have to find an outfit to wear to a street party tomorrow! I am quite unsure what the attire/dress code is for one of these... dresses? Jeans? Smart? Casual? I suppose I'll take the best of both worlds and wear a dress with creepers!

Since I am currently on study leave, I often find myself sitting home alone for the whole day. It does not take prompting for my friends to note that I am probably the worst cook in the world, so I have had to resort to salads! Having said that, I have been picking lettuce from my mom's little vegetable patch in the garden. I have also managed to find myself a new love.... Spring onion!

^ One of the many salads I have made over the past week, containing (apologies for the very non-technical names!): purple salad leaves, iceberg lettuce, green salad leaves- the spiky ones!-, cucumber, spring onion, spinach leaves, cream cheese with chives, purple caramelised onion chutney. Personally, I think it looks very appetising, and it tasted delicious! It is surprisingly filling and pretty healthy (unless you add dollops of condiments like me!)

B.B.B.A.G. xx