Thursday, 14 June 2012

Fake it.

Just a bit of a mismatch post today; I've picked up a few things here and there over the past couple of days, and am supposed to be revising for my last exam which is next thursday. God save me.

I picked up this gorgeous turban-style rose pink satin headband, which I think would look perfect with a girly pink dress and creepers, but I could also imagine wearing it with a loose band tee and denim shorts in the summer! I repurchased my favourite mascara from Boots- No7 Exquisite Curl. As I use it as an everyday mascara, I use the Brown/Black colour, which looks very natural on the lashes. Also, I've heard so much hype about the Revlon Lip Butters that I caved in and bought one since they were £2 off at Boots. I bought the colour 'Tutti Frutti' as I have been searching for the perfect Orange since the stone age; I am also looking for a lilac/lavender colour lipstick, i.e. D'Lilac by Limecrime; however I found that the Revlon alternative was too sheer for my liking. I also happened to swatch Barry M's 'Palest Lavender' on my hand while making a quick stop in Superdrug; the formula was very creamy and moisturizing compared to other Barry M lipsticks, but awfully short-lasting.

I have a habit of accumulating rather large, sturdy umbrellas- rather impractical for travelling and when the weather is undecided. I saw this pretty sailor-sketch print one from H&M with frills around the bottom. It was only £4.99, so I could not restrain myself!

I've been after an ear cuff for absolutely ages but haven't quite managed to find the perfect. I bought this one from the Topshop sale and thought that it was adjustable...apparently not. Therefore, I have to wear it quite low down close to my earlobe to avoid it falling off! I love the silver snake as I think it is quite simple, yet edgy; the only problem is I cannot wear any other earrings with it :( The hunt for the perfect ear cuff continues...

The outfit I wore the other day: Shirt- Vintage Ralph Lauren, Silk Shorts- True Decadence, Snakeskin Leather Clutch- Gharani Strok, Creepers- Underground, Sunglasses- Huzzar Vintage, Tights- see below....

 My mum managed to find these gorgeour tattoo-print 'Saylor' tights' from Bebaroque. They are so unique; I have had a few people mistaking them for real tattoos! They are 'hand-finished' and made in Scotland, so unfortunately the price tag is not light; nonetheless, they work with many different outfits so I guess it's like buying a staple pair of trousers/leggings?!? Regrettably, I have somehow made a hole on the foot of one of them, and even though they are supposed to stretch from sizes 8-16, I find them rather tight. Even so, I think I may have to purchase a back up pair....

Finally, with the Diamond Jubilee celebrations now finished, I have decided to channel my inner-brit and have a new-found love for scones! Although the majority of those who consume this delight reach for clotted cream, I much rather prefer Philadelphia (light!) soft cheese, strawberry jam and a couple of raisins sprinkled over the top. I also managed to discover the wonders of Amarena cherries- this pot of the sweet Italian delicacy is vastly decreasing in mass in my refridgerator.  

I hope you're all having a good week!
B.b.b.a.g. xx


  1. Oh my gosh! When I saw those tights, even I thought they were real tattoos, Haha! I actually really like them, especially with creepers. :) You have such a great sense of style. Where's your follow button? I can't find it! :( xx

  2. awww thank you :) it's at the bottom of my page; I really should move it to the side bar! xx

  3. loving your earrings!


  4. Love your earrings! Great outfit too x

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