Sunday, 3 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee

60 years after embarking on her role as the monarch of England, Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating her 'Diamond Jubilee' this weekend. Although I must admit I am not particularly patriotic, I am using these four days as an excuse to relax, go out and avoid revision like the plague! The festivities are also encouraging me to incorpate splashes of red and blue into my typical monochromatic wardrobe. 

Shirt- Ralph Lauren; Skirt- Warehouse; Socks- Topshop; Shoes- Underground; Bag- Vintage

Today I attented a Jubilee Fayre in my local village where I performed with my dance troupe; unfortunately the sky was grey and miserable, and it seemed to constantly rain!!

Last-minute plans mean I have to find an outfit to wear to a street party tomorrow! I am quite unsure what the attire/dress code is for one of these... dresses? Jeans? Smart? Casual? I suppose I'll take the best of both worlds and wear a dress with creepers!

Since I am currently on study leave, I often find myself sitting home alone for the whole day. It does not take prompting for my friends to note that I am probably the worst cook in the world, so I have had to resort to salads! Having said that, I have been picking lettuce from my mom's little vegetable patch in the garden. I have also managed to find myself a new love.... Spring onion!

^ One of the many salads I have made over the past week, containing (apologies for the very non-technical names!): purple salad leaves, iceberg lettuce, green salad leaves- the spiky ones!-, cucumber, spring onion, spinach leaves, cream cheese with chives, purple caramelised onion chutney. Personally, I think it looks very appetising, and it tasted delicious! It is surprisingly filling and pretty healthy (unless you add dollops of condiments like me!)

B.B.B.A.G. xx


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  2. Favorite look! You look adorable! I am following you! Would you like to follow me back?