Monday, 29 July 2013

everybody wants to be on TV

Crop top- Topshop
Skirt- Jack Wills
Frilly socks- Topshop
Trainers- Puma
Sunglasses- Huzzar Huzzar Vintage
Yes, the image above is very yellow-toned; however, sometimes those moments arise where your life just seems to be lacking in 'Cinemascope'. Today I had one of those moments.
It was extremely hot today in Warsaw- where I'm based for the next two and a half weeks- 35 degrees linger as if it were the Sinai Peninsula. Thus, I thought it acceptable to wear a crop top- something which I rarely do. This sporty, cotton one is from Topshop which I picked up from the sale last year for about 3 pounds.
This silk-cotton mix skirt is from Jack Wills. Yes, I  too once sneered at the name, but amongst the surplus of candy-coloured branded t-shirts and overpriced stripy ankle socks a good-quality gem or too are awaiting discovery. I've managed to get more wear out of the skirt than I originally thought- though a crisp white shirt and tan brogues are probably my favourite combination: preppy Manhattan public school student meets 70-year old Scottish highlander. It looks better than it sounds.
If I'm honest, I was wearing the trainers as I was walking my dogs, not because I was trying to emulate a 90's grunge vibe, but I kind of ending up liking what it looked like- not too try-hard 'unique'. Also, I probably would have worn different socks if they were clean. I'm not a fan of things that match too much. As the current rule stands- same colour or same texture, never both.
Again, I realise the photo on the right is a bit posey. Ah well, we all like to pretend we're being photographed in the 90's with a lomography camera every now and again.
talia xoxo
EDIT: how i'd describe this look with lyrics:
Scouting for Girls- Famous

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  1. Aww, such an amazing look, hun ^__^

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