Tuesday, 3 September 2013

My Personal Style Rules

Everyone, mostly subconsciously, has a set of rules in which they live their lives: go to church every sunday, refrain from meat, work hard, be happy, do what your mother says; this differs due to our genes, upbringing, age, situation, how we're feeling and the people around us. It is the same with fashion. Whether you decide not to wear body con dresses as they do not flatter your figure (as I do), incorporate a maximum of 3 colours in an outfit or never wear flats on a night out on the town, we can each accumulate a list if we think about it in more detail. Here is my (non-exhaustive!) list below:

1. Buy one show-stopping item each season
If you buy more than one, then it's not a statement piece. Wear it to death, people will recognise it as your trademark, 'the girl with the pink shoes' or 'the girl in the tulip dress'. It's a good feeling. When you start to get bored of it, try to style it with different things, things that you wouldn't think would quite work. Trust me, you'll find a way. If it's beauty is questionable, then it's a winner. You want people to stir, to question, rather than to just accept something at a first glance. My first pair of expensive shoes were the Topshop Hi Vamp hot pink suede wedges, which my mum called 'Stunningly ugly'... I haven't looked back since.

2. Invest in shoes
They have to work with most outfits. Black is key, but have a couple of bold coloured, beautiful, admirable heels to. Even though they're more difficult to work with, you'll end up thinking about them more, and thus the outfit combinations will be so much more satisfying when you do manage a winner. Often, you'll find the best shoes when you're not looking for them. Don't hesitate to spend when you do find a pair which grabs your attention and won't leave your mind, this is a rare occurrence. 

3. Avoid figure-hugging pieces on your bottom half
 Personally, I know that they simply do not like my pear-shape. So why waste money, when I can find something which is just as nice and makes me look ten times better? Even if a bodycon dress had a fabulous, unique print, I just wouldn't be able to part with my money, as I know I'd feel self-conscious whenever I wore it, and confidence is priceless.

4. Wear heels at every opportunity
Yes, they may damage your spine and what not, but you only live once. I don't see myself wearing heels at the age of 60, so I've got to make up for it now. Not to mention, the added benefits of leaner looking legs, greater versatility, and simply being taller.

5. Learn how much jewellery is too much
Stacking threaded bracelets from your travels may be sentimental and 'indie', appropriate it may be not. When you're wearing something chic, clean and the focus of an outfit, adding some jewellery just takes away the magic. Less is, indeed, more (in most cases). Let earrings become your best friend: they are never too much. If your outfit is powerful enough, wear subtle studs. If your outfit is boring or lacking a focal point, wear large, statement, sparkly, dangly earrings.

6. Never let your underwear show
VPL is simply unnecessary. It is neither sexy nor cool. Invest in pretty, yet not-too-fancy separates, which make you coo at the sight of them. Ensure you have both a tan thong and tan strapless bra; with these modern inventions being widely available, there is no need for a white or hot pink bra strap to be in sight. You are not thirteen. Even if you are, do not be like the other thirteen year olds. 

7. If you don't have a jacket to match your outfit, go cold
 So this may not be the safest bit of advice, feel free to ignore me if you suffer from hypothermia or some other such health condition. For me, I don't mind braving the chill for fashion. There's nothing worse than ruining a perfectly thought-out outfit. Cavemen didn't use to wear coats, yet they survived. After all; no pain, no gain.

8. If you have clashed two different prints, make sure it is obvious
Don't make it look like you have nothing else to wear. Or you are from 1973. Prints can be very effective, and look extremely high-fashion if they are distinctive enough. But step into the grey area and be warned, you may look more like 45 year-old inexperienced charity-shop visitor rather than the next Susie Bubble.

9. Don't wear too many pieces of the same colour. Cross-coordination is so 2006
Salmon, rose, fuschia, magenta, raspberry... too many shades of pink and you'll just look a little bit obsessed. The same goes with every other shade. It is no longer fashion law for every item to 'compliment' one another. Clashing fashion (kind of rhymes) as come quite far in recent years. Blue and orange, for example, rather than blue and blue, adds an unexpected yet welcome accent.

10. If the nail polish doesn't compliment your outfit, you have two options: REMOVE POLISH or REMOVE CLOTHES
Neither party would feel particularly comfortable if you walked in public without any clothes  on, so take of your nail polish, 1) It is unlikely that anyone would notice anyway and 2) you don't want to find yourself picking your varnish off when you catch a glimpse in the underground station mirrored wall. Nude nails always come back in season, so don't risk it.

talia xoxo

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