Monday, 20 June 2011

Stunning Shocking Pink Wedges

I found myself browsing the Topshop website this afternoon, -mysteriously distracted from the joy we know as homework-, when I seemed to find a pair of cyan blue suede wedges. The seem to resemble something familiar, something that at that moment I was wearing on my feet, (since then I have removed as the pain increased to an unbearable level!)

Apart from the different strap (a T-bar rather than ankle), the Walberg Blue Suede Ankle Strap Platform Wedges seem to be an identical copy to my current statement shoes, not to mention that they have been on sale for a number of years, however the colour alters depending on this seasons’ must-have shade. seem to have 4 different style on sale at the moment.

It must have been inevitable that the debate over whether my existing pair shoes was as good as these would arouse; however, I must say that my wedges win hands down, even if they are two sizes too small, (it must be mentioned that I fell in love with these shoes, -yet was debating if they were worth the price tag-, while trying on a size 6 in Topshop’s flag store in Oxford Circus. A couple of weeks later, stupidly not purchasing the shoes at the time, two whole days were spent calling all of the stores in England, Turkey, New York and Poland- my father was travelling- when the last pair in the world happened to pop up in Oxford Circus, size 4. Let’s just say… I had to have them.)

Although none can compare with the stand out shocking pink pair I adore, the Walberg Blue Suede Ankle Strap comes next in line followed by Michael Van Der Ham's limited edition navy velvet pair.

Topshop Script Hi Vamp Wedges (now sold out as they were limited edition)

Bigbenbigapplegirl <3

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