Tuesday, 12 July 2011

It creeps me out...

I’m absolutely loving Creepers at the moment; they’d look perfect paired with metallic jeans, a vintage band t-shirt and studded leather jacket, or contrastingly with a 1950′s style floral dress and belgian plaited hairstyle.
Underground are carrying the largest selection at the moment; whether to suit a dolled-up barbie or full-blown goth, there is a pair for everyone.

My favourite’s at the moment are the Wulfrun- White Roundtoe Interlace D-Ring Lace-Up’s, in white (but unfortunately I think these are only for men), or the Wulfrun- Suede/Leopard Print Roundtoe D-Ring Lace-Up’s, both available at Surprisingly, my mother seems to be craving a pair as well…

I do quite like the idea of buying a plain leather pair and drawing on them with tippex, as was done for the Ashish catwalk; however, the idea of scribbling all over them in silver metallic or green neon sharpie appeals to me more.


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