Monday, 10 February 2014

Catwalk Trends S/S 2014: Alberta Ferretti

With New York Fashion Week in full swing, I thought it would be wise to rewind back to September and review the trends which are relevant for now, not those that will dominate glossy fashion magazines and edgy street style blogs in eight months. Here are some of my favourite looks for S/S 2014.

Alberta Ferretti
 Growing up, I remember Alberta Ferretti's show as a parade of romantic lace and gothic makeup, some looks inducing an image of 'runaway bride', whereas others oozing with subtle 20's glamour. Intricate detail was always present, and this season is no different. Vogue describes her currently collection as aimed at 'girls with nothing but sunshine on the mind', probably due to the bright colours and floral arrangements. For me, certain looks- those containing black garments- suggested a lost mind, maybe one who's mind was still reminiscing over winter, trying to hide its unwillingness for the heated months with small, summery accents.

Channeling Natalie Portman in Black Swan, particularly with the ribbon-tie ballet shoes, this dress takes a walk through Alice in Wonderland- the scene with the giant pansies and multicolored toadstools. The asymmetric hemline and sheer yoke make this dress slightly more mature, and the orange earrings bring out a focal point in the dress amongst the melange of colours.

With this dress, the first image that springs to mind is a nice, ripe tangerine. Not a satsuma, the colour is much more vibrant and long-lasting than that. Again, with an asymmetric hem line, this dress could work for both less and more formal events. The neckline is a bit more daring, however most cleavage is concealed. Floral additions in a mid-tone lilac hue complement the bright orange fantastically. 

And here is an appearance from Miss Scarlet of the board game Cluedo. A fierce red dress always impresses, yet Alberta goes the extra mile by combining different textures and features, such as sheer panels, three-dimensional flowers, and a layered neckline. This gown produces a sexy image without giving too much away; the unique layering makes it call for more investigation.

 Not only is this dress black, but it contains crochet: should we be sceptical? Alberta ingeniously turns our assumptions upside down and inside out by bringing typically 'Winter' trends into a Spring/Summer Catwalk. Needless to say, she has done so successfully. I have always considered black to look chic on a sunny day, however it is not easy to pull off. Long sleeves may be intimidating, but made less so due to the fact the top is sheer. Finally, orange earrings alleviate any suggestion of a sombre mood.

Something one would wear to a Harajuku music festival, this crop top and skirt combo shout summer from angles. The stripes aren't quite as uniform as those in the 2010 Sonia Rykiel for H&M collection, if anyone remembers those days? The colour combination of white and various warm shades of pink is easy on the eye, while still attracting the odd glance. The unexpected addition of blue mirrored lens aviators keep this outfit cool, effortless and not-giving-a-damn-about-what-anyone-thinks.

All photos taken from Vogue

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