Thursday, 6 February 2014

Docs and Dungarees

After searching high and low for a pair of black leather dungarees, a mission which proved unsuccessful, I managed to pick up this pair of black waxed denim full-length overalls from River Island. An outreaching trend, it serves a range of people from the four year-old American pre-schooler to the hairy biker. It is safe to say I aimed to style more like the latter.

It may look like a one trick pony, but I can assure you these dungarees can be worn with so many different pieces; white t-shirts, Breton stripe tops, Christmas jumpers, formal dinner shirts.. the combinations are pretty endless. 

Here, I am wearing an M&S men's long white oversized pyjama top, Topshop chain necklace, grey H&M beanie and -another new addition- Doc Martens. Justification: they are a classic, work with anything, and are simply and utterly beautiful. Also, my creepers are falling apart after almost two years of daily wear through wind and rain. 


My mum said I looked like a 'Harley Davidson'; I had to break the news that that was indeed a brand of motorcycle and not a person. #oldageproblems

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