Thursday, 25 August 2011

O, Jeff!

After finding out that Office stocked Jeffrey Campbell shoes yesterday following my trip to London, I embarked on a mission. Selfridges only seemed to stock the Pewter Glitter (shown below); although they are pretty, I do not think that I would get very much use out of them, so I decided to look online. Much to my disappointment, the only other Lita's stocked were in black leather- slightly boring for my taste, and sold out anyway.

I dared to look across the pond at My favourites are the 'Stars and Stripes', which I think would look so striking with a simple black t-shirt and denim shorts, but it's a shame that they are made from fabric and not leather.

Also, I really like the 'Red Glitter', and the 'Black Velvet'; Jeff.... take the hint and make a Red Velvet-I'd buy them immediately!

The 'Black White Lita Fur' have been on my wish list for a while, however after my mum ever so kindly bought me a pair of shoes of the same texture from Topshop yesterday, I think I need to dream about something slightly different...

UPDATE: found this website ( - American, again); however they seem to sell some Sam Edelmen-esque Litas that have tickled my fancy!

Could I have asked for anything else more heavenly?


bigbenbigapplegirl <3

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